We use only high-end machinery of world leading & certified suppliers


Our glulam curves are certified (GL-24, ISO 9001, PEFC® and EC Certificate of Conformity) and tested in own laboratories.

In the last 20 years we have tested most of the world's leading machinery, glue and tools suppliers, adding our own patented solutions. EcoCurves factory computers will turn the most elaborate shapes into products in just 40 minutes. If you look for a bespoke solution - we are the best choice there is.

Modern machinery and the use of high quality raw materials enables us to produce structural arches with a span of 26 m. They are characterized by high strength and best quality in accordance with EN 14080 - GL 24 C standard.
During manufacture process we use premium grade timber, which is selected and dried to 18% humidity. It is then sliced into thin laths with thickness ranging from 2.8-45 mm by precise saws (allowing for 1.15 mm waste on 9 mm batten) and producing a glue-optimised surface 88 % yield. Glue spread is also CNC optimised, we use products from world leading certified suppliers only.
We shape curves with high frequency hydraulic presses achieving 12 kg/cm2. Planing and drilling is made by 5-axis CNC Shaper and digital centres producing 4000 units/shift. EcoCurves also supplies optional pressure treatment (Tanalith E® and Osmose®) in fii 2.25 m, 14 m long treatment plant.

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