Pressure Treatment

We offer optional pressure treatment in our 14 meter long autoclave


Pressure treatment gives our arches following benefits:

  • long-term protection of timber curves against the various weather conditions
  • preservation of eco-friendly arches
  • protection of glulam curves against rot decay and insects
  • improve resistance of ecocurves to mold and rotting
  • protection of arches remaining in contact with the ground

Impregnation of our glulam curves is carried out using a specially designed vessel called autoclave. Inside the autoclave, preservatives like fungicides and insecticides are injected under pressure into the wood. Thanks to formation of a vacuum, impregnator penetrates the curves much deeper than the traditional method of immersing timber arches in an impregnator.

During impregnation process of our glulam curves we use preservatives called Tanalith E® and Osmose®. This material treats timber arches in the way which is sound and safe for the environment. Just after this process, curves get a greenish color, which in time turns to honey one, what gives invaluable natural but unique outlook of every arch treated.

We have special equipment to measure the concentration of timber curves impregnation at each cycle of this process. In addition, once a month we send a sample of eco arches to a manufacturer of waterproofing, which is then checked in laboratory.


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