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About the project

Concertina, a veritable revolution in timber design, constitutes a brilliant marriage of TCL Gluelam Curves and tensile fabric. Whether it’s for a mini concert hall, an outdoor classroom or simply a gazebo, whatever your needs, Concertina is always an eye catcher – an outstanding feature that draws attention. It is designed and manufactured by Jagram SA in collaboration with the UK based company Base Structures. These curved units, made using advanced TCL (thin construction lamellas) technology, come with a 10 year guarantee to withstand even the most severe outdoor conditions, the fabric covering being of the highest European quality and durability, while their metal components are stainless steel or galvanised. Concertina can be assembled by our skilled teams within 2 working days. Units can be anchored to the ground by any standard method using the pre-drilled metal plates included with each order.

EcoCurves by Jagram are ensuring the structural timber market’s growth by:

– flexible designs tailored to customer requirements
– an innovative and flexible supply chain improving speed of construction
– uncompromised quality as confirmed by certifications
– all the above at zero costs or savings for investors

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